imagine fighting your teeth that would be so fucked up because youd been training them all this time with brushing and flossing and now theyre too strong and cant be defeated



i never thought I’d see ytp on my school’s walls but today it is different

impeach carson walker

its totally fucking unbelievable what connections ive been roped into completely by accident

the director mentioned me at a press conference today. i did a little wave with a room full of politicians staring straight at me . heres another fine mess ive gotten myself in to

do shee got the b oat



Turn your binoculars around. See now the tigers are smaller and further away. you gotta be smart to survive in the rainforest.





my mom finally bought a toaster

why did this get notes

we’re happy for you

its just a toaster


i’m the guy who shoots the bullet through the CDs to make the hole


imagine a cute lil bug who wears raggedy short pants and a monocle and just destroys all his friends with harsh & uninvited criticism


dril's recent tweets have all been about beating up Honda's robot mascot Asimo.

hey did it hurt? when  ass butt kill online

if there is one thing ive learned, there isnt