THank yoyu for your boans

it is a boneus . theres no way i can write that pun that doesnt look odd

(pulsl out a shovel and starts digging on your blog)

you find bones-just, thousands of bones. the necropolis of every life i ended to make my ill gotten text posts

i dont even remember what iwas going to say because i got sidetracked by camel

review of this ask

  • form - 4/5. plot unfinished
  • structure - coherent. 5/5
  • message - importnt. 5/5. sidetracked by camel
i just tried to get to your blog by typing camel

rpgvillain maker


narancia gargle

thanks for that image - the inbox image.

TthelN right now

TthelN right now

thanks you cheeso

do never give up bro i believe at you

Im going to eat your demographic

she went that way

maizy called me mom 3 times in the past 1 minutes

Well are you

i am appealing to [flicks thru notes] mortgage uusers